The Truth Behind the Tar Sands

We hear a lot in the media and from politicians about the Keystone pipeline and the Alberta tar sands but most people don’t actually know much about this unique area of the world or the impact that extracting oil would have for that region or the globe.

The St. Anthony Park Community Council’s Energy Resilience Group is hosting as movie night on Tuesday, Feb. 28 (6:45 refreshments and 7:00 pm film), showing the film WHITE WATER, BLACK GOLD. The movie follows the filmmaker’s three-year journey across Western Canada to understand the issue presented by the tar sands from beginning to end — from the pristine mountain ice fields that are the source of the industry’s water supply to the Tar Sands tailings ponds that remain after oil is pumped out of the ground. Governments and industry spokespeople say there is no cause for concern but is that true? University scientists have made a number of discoveries that challenge that assessment, raising serious concerns for both Canada and the United States.

The movie is showing at St. Anthony Park United Methodist Church, 2200 Hillside Avenue, St. Paul.

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