Excited about Recycling? Become a Master Recycler/Composter

We have a friend — Annette — who knows everything there is to know about recycling and waste reduction. It’s so fun to go out with her because waste is everywhere and we learn so much from her. In fact, we’ve gotten quite interested in waste because of her willingness to share what she knows.

Well, Hennepin County is now giving everyone a chance to become an “expert” in recycling and waste reduction through a Maser Recycler/Composter program. The six-class program covers waste prevention, recycling, home composting, alternatives to hazardous household products, “de-construction” and construction sites, and the ever-so-important topic of psychology of sustainable behavior change.

The cost of the program is $30 and graduates need to volunteer to share their knowledge for 30 hours. The next session begins April 4 and runs every Wednesday evening through May 9. The program is limited so register soon if you are interested. Register at www.hennepin.us/masterrecyclers.

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