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Thinking About Consumption: “Highest Use”

One of the things I’ve been thinking about is whether I am using something for its “highest use ” or “highest purpose” – something like electricity or space or whatever. If what I’m doing is not its highest use (general … Continue reading

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Permaculture Principle 6: Produce No Waste

Sadly, I think it’s just not possible to get away from packaging waste if you buy food in the American food system. Continue reading

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Kitchen Remodel to Reduce Food Waste and Organize Recycling

Reducing Waste in the Kitchen The kitchen is not only the location for much of our household consumption, it’s also the source of much of our household waste production, including one of the worst greenhouse-gas-producing waste products — food waste. A … Continue reading

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Kitchen Remodel: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Any time you undertake a remodeling project, you are going to have some amount of waste. We were completely gutting the kitchen so we would be producing quite a lot of it. You can make mindful decisions about it – … Continue reading

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Remodeling? Think Recycling

Natural Built Homes, conveniently located right here in the hood at 40th and Minnehaha, is having their warehouse sale TODAY! from 10 am to 2 pm. They specialize in green and recycled materials. If you have some home repair or … Continue reading

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Garage Cleaning with Reduce/Reuse/Recycle in Mind: Part 1

Our household, like so many American households, has too much stuff. Despite getting rid of 1,079 things when we took the “1,000 things” challenge two years ago, we still had so much stuff that I sometimes wound up buying things … Continue reading

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Low-Carb Vacation (carbon, that is)

Last week we took a mini-vacation to Hastings, Minnesota for an overnight stay at The Classic Rosewood Inn. I wanted to bring this lovely B&B to your attention for a couple of reasons. Hastings is a short drive from the … Continue reading

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Excited about Recycling? Become a Master Recycler/Composter

We have a friend — Annette — who knows everything there is to know about recycling and waste reduction. It’s so fun to go out with her because waste is everywhere and we learn so much from her. In fact, … Continue reading

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September Mini-Challenge: STUFF

Trash Pickup Facilitates Endless Consumption A friend of ours just came back from studying Spanish in Guatemala. One of the things that stood out for her (aside from chickens everywhere) was the fact that the community in which she lived … Continue reading

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What makes it a “green” sex toy?

When we saw that the latest issue of “Curves” magazine had an article on “green” sex toys, we just had to buy it – you know, in the interest of science. Now, before you roll your eyes, we don’t believe … Continue reading

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