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Being Part of a Transition Group

Starting a Transition Group in 2011 has changed our lives for the better in so many ways. Continue reading

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The Third Permaculture Ethic: Fair Share

The third permaculture ethic is Fair Share. It tells us to set limits on what we withdraw from the earth and to redistribute (share) the surplus. Nature is abundant. Even those environments that seem uninhabitable, when examined closely, are often … Continue reading

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The First Permaculture Ethic: Care For the Earth

With only 1/10th of an urban acre, it’s pretty clear that the greatest impact I have on the planet and its resources is not as a gardener, but as a consumer. Like most Americans, I consume more than my fair share of the world’s natural resources in terms of food, water, minerals and fossil fuels. Every time I buy something, the permaculture ethic of care for the earth asks me to consider whether I really need it. Continue reading

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