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Moving Forward with Our Investigation of Solar

We had the site assessment for the Make Mine Solar program. They said the solar heat exchange would not work but solar water would. We were not as keen on solar water because of the small size of our household, … Continue reading

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That Frackin’ Song: Can’t get it out of my mind

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Helix Wind Turbines

On the Longfellow Sustainability Group Facebook page we’ve been talking about wind energy and how it may be a more affordable energy alternative than solar. As I noted in my post on the movie Windfall, most solar installations are overpoweringly … Continue reading

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The Challenge of Being a Green Tenant

At this week’s Longfellow Sustainability Group, a tenant expressed frustration with her inability to turn down the heat. We know quite a few people who have to keep the window open in mid-winter to cool down their overheated apartments. We … Continue reading

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Solar Bulk Buy Program for Twin Cities Residents

We attended the solar workshop at Mathews Park on Monday night and found that solar heating and solar water heating — once a long-term dream — is now within reach. “Make Mine Solar” is a bulk purchase program for residents … Continue reading

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Windfall: A Movie and a Question About the Appropriate Use of Wind Energy

I attended a screening of the movie “Windfall” at the Bell Museum, where it was being shown as part of the Sustainability Film Series. The director was there to answer questions. Someone was standing outside handing out flyers pointing out … Continue reading

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Midwest Renewable Energy Fair – June 18-20

We hear from our friend in the know that this is a really big — and wonderful — event for anyone with a serious interest in energy and sustainability. Check it out at the Midwest Renewable Energy Assn website. The MREA Energy … Continue reading

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Home Electronics: If we’re gonna have ’em, we can be greener

A few stats from 15 percent: Percentage of money spent on powering your computer dedicated to computing, worldwide; the rest of the $250 billion is spent on energy wasted in idling. 70 percent: Percentage of waste composed of discarded … Continue reading

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A Quick and Fun Synopsis of the Fossil Fuels

A nice little video from the folks at the PostCarbon Institute 

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Curbing Our Energy Appetite

Powering Down One Appliance At A Time According to the Consumer Electronics Association, in 1975 the average household had fewer than two electronic products. In 2007, the average household had 25 consumer electronic products (computers, DVD players, video game consoles, … Continue reading

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