Midwest Renewable Energy Fair – June 18-20

We hear from our friend in the know that this is a really big — and wonderful — event for anyone with a serious interest in energy and sustainability. Check it out at the Midwest Renewable Energy Assn website.

The MREA Energy Fair transforms rural Central Wisconsin into the global hot spot for renewable energy education. The Energy Fair brings over 20,000 people from nearly every state in the U.S. and several countries around the world to learn, connect with others and ready them for action at home. The Energy Fair is the nation’s longest running energy education event of its kind, featuring:

  • Inspirational keynotes, lively entertainment, great food, and local beer.
  • Over 275 exhibitors of sustainable living and energy products, including a clean energy car show with demonstration vehicles
  • Over 200 workshops
  • Sustainable food and chef demos

The Energy Fair is held in Custer, WI just seven miles east of Stevens Point. That’s 224 miles from Minneapolis, folks. If people are interested in attending, let’s talk about renting a passenger van or carpooling. There is camping on location.

About thinkofitasanadventure

We are a 50-something couple living in the Longfellow neighborhood of Minneapolis. We attended a sustainability conference at our local high school in November 2010, with keynote speaker Richard Heinberg from the Post Carbon Institute. What we heard shocked us deeply. We finally understood the need to transition away from fossil fuels as quickly as possible. We immediately began to change the way we live. We joined together with other folks in our neighborhood to learn more, to do more and to have fun doing it! We're part of Transition Longfellow. We're choosing to change now and to "think of it as an adventure." If you are on this journey too, we'd love to hear from you.
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