ALEC at Work in MN Senate to Support Pipeline?

While tens of thousands go to Washington to oppose the Keystone XL pipeline, PRWatch, from the Center for Media and Democracy, tells us that legislation has been introduced in four states to support the pipeline. This includes the Minnesota Senate.

SF479 urges the President and the US Department of State to approve the Presidential permit application allowing the construction and operation of the TransCanada Keystone XL pipeline between the United States and Canada.

The bill was introduced by Senators Bill Ingebrigtsen (R) District 08, Julie A. Rosen (R) District 23, Bill Weber (R) District 22, Karin Housley (R) District 39, and John C. Pederson (R) District 14.

Resolutions proposed in Mississippi, Minnesota, and Michigan are identical to each other and can be traced directly to a TransCanada Corporation media backgrounder. For example, talking points for this resolutions say that the pipeline will REDUCE greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 19 million tons by replacing the need for 200 ocean tankers to transport oil. Of course, this utterly fails to note that the oil being transported will, when burned, generate hundreds of tons of greenhouse gases, leading to runaway climate change.

Minnesota’s resolution differs slightly from language approved by ALEC (the American Legislative Exchange Council), an organization of corporations and politicians that drafts corporate-friendly legislation that is then introduced in state legislatures. (To learn more about what ALEC is up to, see ALEC Exposed.)

The Minnesota Senate resolution is now with the Environment and Energy Committee.

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