Transition Speaker Brian Kaller Coming to Twin Cities in July

In 2010, my husband and I changed our lives because we heard Richard Heinberg speak about the Transition movement. This may be your chance to have a life-changing encounter with the message of the Transition movement.

Brian Kaller, a former Twin Citian now living and working in Ireland, will be speaking at Macalester College in a FREE talk entitled, “O’Sterity: How the Irish Thrived in Desperate Times.”

In the coming decades, we will all face the inter-related challenges of peak oil, climate change and economic instability (what the Transition movement calls “the Long Emergency.”) Among the tools we have for meeting these challenges are the skills and knowledge gathered by traditional cultures over the centuries — skills and knowledge that allowed humankind to thrive. Ireland in the 1970s, when his wife was growing up, was a country “poorer than many Third-World countries, and not everyone had electricity or indoor plumbing.” Despite hardships, statistics show that people at that time were better-educated and healthier. And in surveys, the Irish reported being happier at that time than Americans report being today. Brian will talk about ways people can thrive during chaotic times, giving examples from Ireland.

You can learn more about Brian Kaller by visiting his blog, “Restoring Mayberry.”

WHEN (note, this is the same presentation, given on two different days):
Friday, July 13: 6:00 – 6:30 pm reception; 6:30 program
Saturday, July 14: 7:00 pm program

WHERE: Weyerhaeuser Hall, Macalester College, on the corner of Macalester Street and Grand Avenue, St. Paul, Minnesota.

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