We’re on the Mpls/St Paul Home Tour

Oops! I should have posted this on Friday but it’s not too late. Our house is on the Minneapolis/St. Paul Home Tour. The Tour continues on Sunday, April 289 from noon to 5 pm. A representative from Innovative Power Systems, our solar installer, will be on hand from approximately noon to 2 pm. The builder who did our second floor addition will also be here for part of the day.

We are house #31. Stop in and see our solar PV and heat systems. I’ll be happy to answer any questions. And my husband is stationed in the basement by the worm bin where he can talk about vermiculture, composting and home brewing. Our greeter, Annette, is knowledgeable about recycling and waste management so feel free to talk to her about where the City of Minneapolis is going with its new recycling programs.

Hope to see you on Sunday!

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