Intro to Solar Cookers

Every year my husband’s family took a trip to Arizona to visit his grandmother. He has vivid memories of eating hot grapefruit and soggy crackers that were left in the back window. Despite those unappetizing memories, he’s willing to give intentional solar cooking a try, starting with a workshop on Monday, April 23rd, 7 – 9 pm, at Brackett Park.

Transition Longfellow is sponsoring the presentation by Bruce Stahlberg of Affordable Energy Solutions, located right in the ‘hood, at 3535 East Lake Street. Bruce will bring several types of solar cookers with him for you to view. He’ll be talking about how solar cookers work, what kind of cooking you can do in them, what cooker works best for what type of application, and some tips on solar cooking.

A second session will be held in May, at which time attendees can build their own solar cooker. Bruce will tell you what materials you will need to bring with you to build your cooker.

This event is FREE, thanks to Bruce’s generous donation of his time.

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