What’s Up This Week!

The Longfellow Sustainability Group meets this Saturday, June 4, at 10:30 am at Peace Coffee. Last month’s mini-challenge was reducing garbage so we’ll hear from attenders about what they tried. As always, we’ll share resources and info on events.

Northern Spark: The Twin Cities’ first-ever Northern Spark festival is an all-night party at which about 200 artists will roll out 100 projects along the Mississippi River. Art projects include multi-story projections, floating works on barges, headphone concerts, bioluminescent algae, sewer pipes for organs, banjos and puppets. Festivities start at sundown Saturday (8:55 p.m.) and end at sunrise Sunday (5:28 a.m.).

If you go, check out Mobile Hotspot, an exploration of alternative energy, sustainability, and human powered solutions to rising fuel costs. “These explorations are founded on the concept of freedom, from reliance on unsustainable consumption of energy firstly, but more broadly by the social freedoms demanded in the recent uprisings in Egypt, Libya, and even Wisconsin. The Mobile Hotspot will be tracking thoughts on freedom across the world by projecting live feeds of tweets containing #freedom and #energy paired with imagery related to power use, development, and innovation.”

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