4 tips to make recycling cleaner, easier and more efficient

One way to really stick with behavior goals, in this case, the goal of more recycling, is to change the environment to make it more conducive to success. To improve our in-home recycling efforts, I made the following changes to make recycling cleaner, easier and more efficient:

  1. Added an easy-to-use, in-home recycling station by the kitchen
  2. Added recycling stations in a few other rooms of the house
  3. Switched to reusable curbside recycling bags
  4. Replaced tall kitchen trash cans with smaller trash and compost bins

Take a look! It’s now really easy to get ready for recycling day. And we’ve reduced our trash tremendously.

3 thoughts on “4 tips to make recycling cleaner, easier and more efficient

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  2. Kathryn Nelson

    I’m delighted to read your posts and I love the name of your blog. I’m in exactly the same place in my life, and every step toward simpler living leads me to several more steps. Since Jacob’s Well has started collecting plastic containers, I’ve become obsessed with buying things that don’t come in plastic, for instance. I really do think of it as an adventure. Thanks for some great reading.



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