Free Solar Educational Workshop (and bulk buy opportunity)

2010 was a banner year for solar photovoltaic (PV) systems installed in Minnesota. A record 225 new PV systems were installed last year, nearly tripling the previous record of 76 PV systems in 2009. This free workshop highlights the Solar Hot Water/Air Heat Bulk Purchase Program — Make Mine Solar. Sessions include:

  • Energy Efficiency Techniques by Todd Fink of Century
  • Solar Air Heat and Solar Hot Water Basics by Todd Fink of Century
  • Program Basics by Laura Cina of MRES

Participants will learn:

  • The basics about solar  hot water and solar air heat technology and how it works
  • How the bulk purchase program works,
  • Cost, rebates, tax credits and financing
  • How to choose an installers and next steps

Everyone will get a chance to talk to the installers one on one about a project. You can get a site assessment before the workshop so you can communicate information about your specific project and site better when talking to the solar installers.  Sign up for a low cost site assessment at MN Renewables (the link on their site is broken so you’ll have to email them to inquire:

Community Solar Educational Workshop
Monday, May 2, 2011
Matthews Park, 2313 28th Avenue S., Minneapolis

Attendance is free but they ask for an RSVP here.

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