An Interview With Naomi Kline About Climate Denial

It’s not about the science…

This is a really interesting interview with Naomi Kline and Amy Goodman about climate denial and identity. Finally, I get why some otherwise smart people are denying the reality of climate change.

“We’ve just ended the hottest decade on record. There’s overwhelming evidence that climate change is real now. It’s not just about reading the science. It’s about people’s daily experience. And yet, we’ve seen this remarkable drop, where (in a 2007 Harris poll) 71 percent of Americans believed climate change was real, and two years later, 51 percent of Americans believed it. So, a 20 percent drop. And we’ve seen a similar dramatic drop, just the floor falling out, in the same period in Australia and in the U.K.

“It’s not happening everywhere. It’s happening in countries that have very polarized political debates, where they have very strong culture wars.”


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