Get Together with Phillips Neighborhood This Saturday

Community Gathering of the Phillips Transition Town Group
When: Saturday, February 26, 11-1pm
Where: St. Pauls Lutheran Church, 2742 15th Avenue South Minneapolis

*Tasty food
*A local energy presentation
*Opportunities to connect with neighbors on projects

The Phillips Group has sent this invitation:

“We would love to connect with you, our neighbors, and invite you to this gathering! Our goal is to work with other neighborhoods that want to start up a Transition Town or those who are already doing it! This way we can share ideas, resources, and passion!

This month is Energy Month. We are looking forward to talking with you about really energetic (sorry, bad pun) happenings in the community moving towards locally produced and owned energy. There will be a presentation by a few people working in this realm in the neighborhood, followed by a short group discussion. Then, we plan on breaking out into our working groups. To start those groups, namely FOOD, COMMUNITY ARTS, ENERGY, COMMUNITY BUILDING.

Please look at our group page for more information about Transition Towns Phillips (

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