Laundry Room Conversations – Mindfulness

The last part of our conversation about laundry habits was recognizing how we use or misuse our time. We own a well functioning washing machine and gas dryer. We put a load of laundry in and walk away. Sometimes we walk away for 2 or 3 days only to come back to sour smelling clothes forgotten in the washer, or a wrinkled pile of fabric left in the dryer.

In other words, we are not mindful about what we are doing with our clothes. And that’s not the only thing we aren’t mindful about …

What Would It Mean to Pay Attention to Our Life?

I have to admit that I constantly do two things at once. I find it hard to imagine doing just one thing at a time. I recognized this as a huge stumbling block when I was in seminary. How do you really delve deeply into an idea when you are also doing a load of laundry, answering kid’s questions, making coffee, with TV on in the background. The church fathers (and mothers) were lucky to be living in a cell. It was probably quiet!

So how would my life and laundry be different if I didn’t do it with a divided mind? We ordered the no-energy washer so we’ll see. For one thing, I expect that I will be more attentive to my clothes, noticing stains, noticing needed repairs before I put something on to go to work :(. Maybe at that moment when I notice it, I would fix it.


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