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Transition Longfellow Discussion Groups

Transition Longfellow First Saturday Discussion Group

Transition Longfellow (TL – our neighborhood sustainability group) facilitates discussion groups on topics of interest to residents. Getting involved in a discussion group is a great way to gain a better understanding of the issues involving in transitioning from fossil fuels. It’s also a great way to get to know people who are working on this issue in your neighborhood and to begin to create a network of support.

In 2013, we hosted discussions on personal permaculture, emergency preparedness, community resilience and the Joanna Macy book, “Active Hope.”

In 2014, we are hosting discussion groups on permaculture for food production and sustainable finance/sustainable life, and we hope to conduct another community resilience conversation, this time focused on physical and emotional health.

You’ll find other groups hosting conversations and skill shares in our neighborhood as well, including:

  • Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy hosts discussions on food, farm policy and trade, which take place at Peace Coffee on Minnehaha Avenue. Here are a couple of other fun and educational groups in our area.
  • Creativity and Conversation, a community space where people can learn new skills and crafts. Sponsored by Bethany Lutheran (3901 36th Av S in Mpls), the group meets twice a month. On the 2nd Saturday, a technique or craft is taught. On the 4th Saturday the group listens to an episode of the radio program “On Being” and discusses it while working on their own projects. The activity runs from 10 am to noon. You are always welcome to bring your own project to work on – you don’t need to do the project being taught.
  • Minnehaha Free Space, a community hub where many different groups meet for educational and social events. Last year, this was the location for a year-long food foraging class offered through EXCO, the free experimental college.
  • Twin Cities Makers: A community group whose mission is to make, share, and learn. It hosts a maker space/hackerspace for members to build projects using various media and technologies, from wood and metal working to electronics to fabrics and beyond.

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  1. Rochman says:

    Solar people need to wise up about fniance. Payback is one way to evaluate an investment, but not the only way. You can also use discounted cash flows to calculate ROI over the life of the investment. If you calculate the Internal Rate of Return for solar over a 25 year life you might be pleasantly surprised. If you put solar on the roof of a typical house it will add to the long-term value because the house would come with a low electricity bill.


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